LED - NUD Star Bulb - 1.1W

There is something special about these Star Light Bulbs from NUD Sweden.....The golden colour and star shaped filament makes a lovely warm and ambient light.

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There is something special about these Star Bulbs from NUD Sweden.....

The golden colour and star shaped filament makes a lovely warm and ambient light.

A single star in a window or an admirable cluster of stars over a dinner table. Either way it will make a statement.

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MATERIAL: LED, glass bulb
COLOR: Amber
LUMEN: 45lm
LIFE TIME: 20 000h
DIMENSIONS: 210x230x65mm
WEIGHT: 175g
RA: 90

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Light Bulbs

The choice of light bulb sits in two spheres - LED or Vintage Edison.

Vintage Edison bulbs have a beautiful warm decorative filament, are easy on the eyes and less expensive than LED bulbs. However, they will need replacing about once a year and are less energy efficient.

LED Bulbs have a life span of approximately 15,000 hours, have a wide range of decorative filament shapes and are more energy efficient but also more expensive.

The warmth of the light emitted from the light bulb is described on the Kelvin Scale. 2000K to 3000K is a warm soft relaxed light and 3100K to 4500K is a cool white often more suitable for task lighting and 4600K to 6000K is a cold almost blueish white light.

Depending on the look and use of the light, we have a wide selection for you to choose from.