LED - 125mm Dolly - 6W Spiral

This is a sensational bulb - comes in E27 screw-in LED

We love him and he's a FAVOURITE!!!

The bulb can be used as an exposed bulb creating vintage ambience whilst also being energy efficient. Can also be dimmed for atmosphere. Options of a lovely warm colour temperature at 2500K or a cooler 4000K temperature.

4000K is an often overlooked color temperature, as it falls right in between "warm white" (2700K/3000K) and "daylight white" (5000K/6500K) color options.

It is also the color temperature of direct sunlight during morning or afternoon hours.

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- LED SPIRAL filaments
- 125mm ROUND (DOLLY) shaped bulb
- Energy saving 6 watts
- ES, E27, Edison Screw
- Voltage: 230VAC
- Wattage: 6W
- Beam: 360
- CCT: 2700K (Warm) or 4000K (Cool)
- Lumens: 540
- CRI: 70Ra
- Life Exp: 20,000hr
- Dimmable: Yes
- Dimensions: 125*175mm