Who is Mr Ralph?

February 03, 2022

Ralph 2005 - 2019

One of the questions we get asked the most is "Who is Mr Ralph?"

‘Mr Ralph’ is Ralphie - my beloved Jack Russell Terrier. He was an affectionate, lively, clever little dog who had a mind of his own and a swagger to match. 

Apart from being the inspiration for the name, Ralphie also provided much-needed support along the way. His personal characteristics - being way too cool for school, stubborn about doing things right and being wise beyond his years - provided our business with the core values it prides itself on today. He was always far too busy to be too involved in the day-to-day running of Mr Ralph but rest assured, he helped in all the key decisions, and you can trust that he knew far more than anyone else around here.

Ralphie was a huge character.

He was sweet, loyal and generally well behaved - although there was that one time at the team Christmas party when he slightly disgraced himself (he got overexcited and humped a few legs). His strong belief that he was human made him ambivalent to other furry creatures. Pipe and slippers is how he liked it.

He was 14 years of age and very spoilt. None of us will ever forget him.