Venue spotlight: The Fergus bar & Kitchen, Rototuna

July 04, 2024

One of Rototuna’s newest restaurants, the Fergus Bar, recently opened its doors. With a great menu, a warm and inviting atmosphere and featuring Mr Ralph lights throughout, it's a must-visit for so many reasons! 
The lighting plan was crafted by the talented team at Targetti Lighting, in collaboration with the equally talented team at APG Architects. APG designed the industrial base build and further developed and detailed the interior design proposal, evolving the initial concept by Maken. The building features a high gable roof, where architectural elements and lighting were meticulously designed to highlight the scale while also bringing it down to create a cozy atmosphere. Despite the large and lofty space, the design ensures that clients and users feel welcomed. The layout is centered on the bar pavilion, with dining and drinking areas surrounding this focal point, providing different seating areas. The outdoor area feels like an extension of the interior spaces.

The designers vision is straightforward: to design a lighting layout that delivers ample illumination where required and accentuates the architectural beauty of the spaces. Often, the most striking light effects come from fixtures that remain hidden, allowing the light to make feature of the architecture within the spaces.
The layers of lighting have been carefully thought out with wall sconces (Totana from POTT Lighting) providing a gentle ambient light, with the matte texture of the handmade clay Sconce giving an earthy feel.  
When it comes to lighting a large, open space, lighting can be used to define areas. This has been done beautifully at The Fergus – with Black Metal Berlin pendants over the bar area, casting functional light directly onto the bar.  
An incredible cluster of Bubble pendants sits over one of the dining areas – a standout design feature creating a warm, diffused glow and cosy atmosphere. The Bubble collection includes multiple shapes and size pendants – click here to shop! 
The addition of Remi Wide pendants over the dining tables adds texture and warmth – the Rattan has been custom painted in Gully Green by Porters Paints. The tightly weaved rattan gives a french mid-century vibe, and directs the light directly on to the bar leaners below.
Mr Ralph's tips for lighting up your hospitality business: 
Layer lighting: Use multiple layers of lighting to create acosy atmosphere – consider ambient, task, and accent lighting. (Read about layering lighting HERE) 
Functional Bar/counter Lighting:
You will need functional lighting over the bar area – you need sufficient light to make drinks/work the till. Hanging pendants low over the bar will give you good light, but also help define the bar area. Strip lighting, available from Targetti is a stylish and functional option for bar and cabinet lighting.
Dining Table Lighting: 
Aim for soft, moody light over dining tables – bright enough that people can see their meal, but dim enough that people will feel comfortable and want to stay for desert! Choosing a shade that has an open bottom will help direct the light centrally onto the table - allowing the light to focus on your meal and the table decor without being harsh on the eyes. 
Wall lights:Connect spaces and add ambience with decorative wall lights. They add depth, as well as being stylish features. 
Get the temperature right:
Choosing the right bulb temperature can set the tone for the whole place. Using a cool white bulb will offer a fresh, bright light for during the day, but can be harsh and unflattering at night. Opt for something warm toned (2700k+) to create a cosy, inviting atmosphere. 
To see this incredible project in person, you can book a table here.