Style meets functionality with the Frankie Swing Arm Wall Light

September 29, 2022


If there’s one thing we all have in common here at Mr Ralph, it’s an enduring obsession with the Frankie Swing Arm Wall Light. 

Frankie is THE go-to wall light if you don’t want/can’t have a hard-wired wall light. Simply fix him to the wall near an outlet and plug him in. Voila! It couldn’t be easier. With a swing of 180 degrees from side to side, this little beauty lets you control the direction of the light and is particularly perfect for the bedroom or over a sofa reading. You can also adjust the length of the cord that hangs from the bracket to tailor to your requirements.

But the real advantage of Frankie is the number of shade options he comes with.

Dress him up with one of our coloured glass shades for a luxe look, or pair him with a metal shade for a vintage-looking vibe. A clear glass shade will give you a more classic style, whereas an opal bulb invites a modern look into your space. The options are endless! We’ve even been known to pair our Frankie with a gorgeous iO shade which brings a contemporary freshness to the room.

Frankie will bring both style and functionality to your space. To learn more about our delicious Frankie, click here or visit our Gordonton Studio and speak with one of our expert lighting specialists.

We're always pairing Frankie with different shades and we have some VERY cool new shade options coming soon... 😍

As you can see, the options are endless. But here's a few of our favourite combinations to get you started:

Frankie Swing Arm Wall Light Options