Spotlight on: POTT Lighting

April 28, 2022

As the exclusive NZ supplier of POTT Lighting, Mr Ralph is excited to showcase this contemporary collection of clay lighting. Handmade in Southern Spain, the POTT range combines traditional pottery techniques with contemporary lighting design.

Each piece is unique and special for its handcrafted nature and the personal touch given by the hands of the craftsmen.

Designed by Miguel Ángel García, an industrial designer and founder of the POTT brand, the POTT range displays a balanced distribution of flowing forms and symmetries. Encompassing matte surfaces and natural colours, Miguels designs take pottery to a new level while keeping up with handmade traditions, blending seamlessly into their environment. 

POTT uses nature as a source of inspiration.

At Mr Ralph, the POTT collection falls under our Organic and Contemporary lighting style categories due to its modern yet reminiscent designs. For example, the Calo with its voluptuous contours and its sleek design is a pendant lamp which revives the peasant tradition of the Spanish “botijo”, which used to be filled with wáter and hung at home or in a tree, protecting it from the blazing sun of the Mediterranean summer. 

In contrast, the ever-popular Sponge series proposes a balanced juxtaposition of a smooth clay surface, typical of traditional pottery, and a porous design. This distinctive element of the Sponge series lets the light flow into the room to create a unique textured atmosphere.

Click here to view our collection of POTT Lighting.