7 Standard Stud Ceiling Solutions

November 10, 2022

It's a sad but true fact that not all ceilings are created equal. While a standard stud height of 2.4 metres is perfectly fine for recessed lighting, you may discover that you have limited choices when it comes to your decorative lighting.

Whenever we talk about lighting in an open space area (living room, hallway etc.), we suggest a 2-metre clearance from the floor to the bottom of the shade, leaving you with 400mm to play with (keeping in mind that, as a general rule of thumb, you should have at least as much cord as the depth of shade to achieve a balanced look).

If your house boasts a standard stud height, you may find that an oversized statement pendant won't work in your living room. So here are seven low/standard stud ceiling solutions which will help to elevate your space.

1. Metal Shades - Metal shades that are wide and not high are the perfect companion to a standard stud. Our 60cm curved and straight shades have plenty of presence and come in various colours and lamp holder styles.

Looking for something a little more unique? Our new Erik Metal Pendant, a classic mid-century-inspired design at only 200mm high, will make a statement in any room!

60cm Grey Curved Metal Pendant with Wooden Cone Lamp Holder
2. Benjamin Button - There’s not much that this ceiling/wall mount light can’t do. He comes in 20cm and 30cm and, thanks to the opal glass, gives off a beautiful glow with plenty of light.

Benjamin Button - Large Benjamin Button - Large 

Ceiling Mounted Benjamin Button

3. Dott - small but mighty. This stylish wall or ceiling mount also boasts opal glass and emits a lovely diffused light. Dott comes in two sizes - 100mm diameter or a more hefty 150mm diameter.

Large White Dott

Large Dott

4. Mr Fix - Love the look of a pendant, but the shade hangs too low? This nifty ceiling mount fits any shade that takes our vintage lamp holders and is a popular option for a standard stud.

Apothecary Clear with Brass Mr Fix

5. Daddy Long Legs - this versatile modern 5-light chandelier comes with two rods and gives you the option of a 300mm, 500mm or 800mm drop! Perfect for those wanting a mid-century or contemporary vibe! Available in Black or Old Gold.

Daddy Long Legs Chandelier in Brass

Daddy Long Legs Chandelier

6. Esme - part of our new rattan range, Esme boasts a 720mm diameter but is only 230mm high. Handmade and organic, she makes a statement without dominating the room.

Esme Rattan Shade

Esme Rattan Shade

7. Vivienne - oh la la. Vivienne is GORGEOUS! Delicate and oh-so divine. She’s made from black woven twine on a metal frame and has proven to be a popular addition to the Mr Ralph range.

Vivienne Black Twine Shade

Vivienne Black Twine Shade


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