Opal Glass - a true classic that stands the test of time

August 30, 2022

Opal glass has always been a firm favourite, and you'll often find the team singing its praises to our customers. That's why we couldn't be happier that it's at the forefront of lighting trends...again!

The origins of opal glass can be traced back to 16th Century Venice, and it enjoyed a resurgence at the turn of the last century and into the 20s and 30s. But believe me when I say it is as relevant now as it was back then. Not only is the white palette for lighting a classic, but the opal glass also brings a contemporary freshness that works within a variety of styles.  

Opal glass is used to create a stunning diffused, broad-spread light that is highly functional and beautiful. It hides the bulb and diminishes glare, letting you use a very high-wattage LED that gives plenty of function but none of the downsides of looking straight at the bulb - perfect for task lighting in those high-traffic areas such as the kitchen or bathroom.

And at the end of a long day, opal glass invites a soft and muted accent or ambient glow into your space - just the thing for relaxing and winding down.

Within the Mr Ralph collection, you'll find several different styles of opal glass. From oversized pendants such as the gorgeous Vienna to smaller pendants such as the Ollie Small. In Wall Lights/Ceiling Mount, we have the delicious Dott and Benjamin Button. And if you're looking for bathroom lighting, one of our most popular wall lights is the Opal Globe Wall Sconce.

Because I know how much you guys love looking at our products in homes, below is a selection of images featuring some of our opal glass lighting :)

Tip: Typing 'opal' in the search engine will give you a list of ALL our beautiful opal glass products, including bulbs!

Dott Wall Light (available in two sizes)

Mr Ted Opal Glass Pendant

 Opal Globe Ring Chandelier

Vienna Opal Glass Pendant hanging over bed
Vienna Glass Opal Pendant

Apothecary 30cm Opal Glass Pendant (available in more sizes)

Ollie XL Opal Glass Pendant

Ollie Small Opal Glass Pendant

Opal Globe Wall Sconce

Benjamin Button (available in two sizes)

The Gang - George Wide and Ollie XL