Lighting Trends for 2022

April 13, 2022

The world of decorative lighting is constantly evolving, with old styles coming back into trend and new styles bursting through. Mr Ralph Founder, Rachel Williamson, tells us what we're likely to see this coming year and gives us some tips on how to make the most of our space.

What new trends are you seeing in lighting, and how can people apply these in their homes?

There is a real move toward natural, organic materials like clay or wood, and people wanting texture and warmth. Rattan is still a thing with a more robust, closed weave and structural form. We're seeing larger statement pieces, particularly in entranceways and lounges/dining. Clustering is still huge, mimicking the old chandeliers in terms of void fillers and light amplification. I think we finally appreciate that beautiful lighting is like artwork or jewellery. It is an emotional tool that creates an atmosphere.

Are you still seeing three pendants over the kitchen island, or is there a new design trend emerging? 

This is still popular because, ultimately, it is an easy, guaranteed way to distribute light across the length of your island. Still, more and more people are clustering pendants down one end of the island and relying on LED recessed or spots to provide the function. We're also seeing the use of two gorgeous statement pieces. There's also a move towards a simple, sleek lineal fitting over the kitchen island and then going crazy in the dining or lounge with super decorative lighting.

What about the dining area? Are there any specific trends emerging for lighting in this space? 

The options are endless because you can lower the pendant here, which means that in a 2.4m stud situation, this might be your only chance to inject personality (except lamps and wall lights, of course). Opal Glass and larger flatter pieces that hover are in demand, along with clustering (you can pick your absolute favourite small pendant and cascade them vertically or horizontally across the table)

A tip from us

always make sure you have a dimmer! The dining table is a place of family congregation, homework bench and intimate dining – this way, you can match the need with the correct amount of light.

George Wide and Ollie Large Opal Glass Pendants

What new technology are you seeing, and how can people apply it in their homes? 

People want sustainable LED technology. LED bulbs and fittings are now packing a punch in terms of beauty and form, and integrated systems and hue lighting are on the rise.

What are the most popular types of lighting you sell, and why do you think they're so popular? 

Wall lights are back - big time! Outdoor festoon lighting for that party vibe all year round and, of course, handmade, warm and textured, along with coloured and opal glass. The exciting thing is that we have all become more experimental and confident with our lighting choices.

What should people consider when choosing lighting for their home? 

What do you need your lighting to do for you? What are your challenges in terms of homes already prewired? Make sure this is thought through early in the design process because although it might be one of the last products to be installed, it is the jewellery or the function you will need for years to come.

We talk about layering lighting a lot - how can someone successfully achieve this? And why is it important? 

Layering is massive. There are three types of lighting: Task, Ambient and Accent. Few of us are happy with a home illuminated by one pendant or recessed LEDs. We want light that surrounds us like wall lighting and lamps as this is far more relaxing than light above us. When we need light, we want light!!! There is nothing more frustrating than insufficient light. Utilise all three forms to create a rich and flexible space.

The bathroom seems to be a tricky space to light correctly - what are your tips for successful lighting in the bathroom? 

Bathrooms are "zoned". There are areas where you must use a suitable IP rated fitting and other zones where you are freer to use decorative pieces. A registered electrician should install all your lighting, so we always recommend a conversation with that professional right at the beginning so you can plan. But in most situations, you can have beauty in your bathroom lighting as long as it conforms to the rules. Stunning mini clusters in a corner, pendants or wall lights on each side of your mirror  – go crazy.