How to choose the right light bulb for your space

May 26, 2022

The bulb you choose to light your space provides the function and sets the mood. Gone are the incandescent bulbs of yesteryear, and in its place energy-efficient LED's or beautiful soft Vintage Edison bulbs reign supreme. 

LED VS Vintage Edison

    Cold White, Cool White or Warm White - which colour bulb do I need?

    A bulb produces a colour scale that ranges from a warm yellow light to a slightly bluish, bright white light. These colour variances of white are measured on the Kelvin Scale. Because Mr Ralph specialises in decorative lighting, 90% of the bulbs we sell are warm white (2000k -3000k), the perfect choice to create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Cool white (3100k - 4500k) is more commonly used for task lighting as it creates a more alert and motivating atmosphere. However, personal preference and the type of shade you have will also determine which colour you choose. For example, cold white (4600k - 6500k) is a bright, almost blueish white light that can look fabulous in an opal shade.

    Room by Room Guide

    The first thing you need to ask yourself before choosing your lightbulb is what you need the light to do. For example, there is nothing more frustrating than insufficient light in the kitchen, so you'll likely want task lighting and plenty of it! In contrast, your bedroom should become a place where you slow down and relax. This is where accent lighting comes into play in the form of wall lights and lamps. If you're looking to soften and mellow your space, remember, light that surrounds you is far more relaxing than light above you. 

    Old Fashioned Watts and LED Watts

    Remember when we used to look at the number of watts to replace an incandescent bulb that's burned out? Thanks to energy-saving bulbs like LED's, the brightness of a bulb is now measured in Lumens.

    Here's a cheat sheet for converting old fashioned watts with LED watts:

    Whether you want the efficiency of LED or the beauty of Vintage Edison, we have a large range of decorative light bulbs to select from. Click here to view.