Designer Chat: Katie Scott from Sticks+Stones Design

March 19, 2022

Tell us about your journey as a designer?

I have always been drawn to the arts but was unsure at which career path I needed to take u till later in Kaifeng after a couple of miss starts .. architecture and anthropology I landed in a spatial design degree which set me on the right path .6 years living in Europe and a great motivator and teacher Carolyn from Caro Design in BOP I started my own design company 4 years ago.

The life work balance has been hard I now have a 2 yo and it’s a constant start battle to balance work and life and give family and work my best (work after bedtime seems to be the most productive :) )

What is your style?

I absolutely adore breathing new life into old homes, not to say I don’t also enjoy the freedom new builds give when designing as they are more a blank canvas. There is something special about refreshing an old house with a nod to its era . I feel strongly when renovating you need to acknowledge the architecture and age of the home and with this you can create a timeless design that feels like it belongs in the space not fights it.

Why is lighting important?

Without light there is only dark, no colour or texture, light emphasises what you want it to and gives the space life . Good lighting gives a technical use to the space and also adds the mood .

The other thing a feature pendant wall or ceiling light does is use a high space or wall that is otherwise unused or void adding interest to an unusable space.

Is there a lighting product that you LONG for that you cannot see available in New Zealand currently? 

Im waiting for the day there is a pendant light you can hang above a bath compliant to NZ code .. still not yet found ???

Do you have a top 5 pearls of wisdom that you could share with anyone building or renovating right now?

Relax - try not to stress ,don’t try to rush just try to set a realistic finish date and then really try to enjoy the journey.

Tradies are stressed, products delayed - you can’t avoid all of this. There are things about renovations that are really rewarding so make the most of the fun parts and don’t put yourself under too much stress …. Or, order everything 3-6 months before you start :) 

Remember once you have finished you will be so proud !! 

Can you tell us about some of your favourite projects and what made them so great?

I have had the joy of meeting and working for so many amazing clients ! I think the people I have met along the way have made my job not feel like a job sometimes. I have been so lucky to have clients that have given me freedom in design and let me loose on their beloved homes .. these projects are so humbling ,to be given so much trust on such an important and personal aspect of peoples lives.

What design tips and tricks could you share?

Choose a look for your home you want to live in not what you think you want to live in :) Then go bold !! Trends go in and out but if you have never liked pink don’t feel like you have to :)

If you want to try it for fun, paint the smallest room In the house. 

Don’t half-do a look, go for it .

Repetition is the key to a home that feels connected. Using the same pendants maybe different sizes in living areas and other rooms helps this.

The repetition of glass globe lighting connects the rooms

Travel! Could be on the cards this year – have you got any plans?

We are building a home so unfortunately not on the cards :/ I wish !!! 

Do you see any strong styles coming through into 2023 – what do we need to look out for?

Natural tones and timber are a strong style look this year .

Natural aesthetics, sandy coloured stone /Marble and muted pastel tones with alot of timber and white textured panels .

Matt finishes and soft light 

Lots of curves !