2023's biggest lighting trend (spoiler: it's lamps)

February 08, 2023

There are no two ways about it - table and floor lamps are all the rage right now, and you'll hear us talking about them A LOT as we discuss different ways to layer the lighting in your space.

In short, layering your lighting involves strategically placing ambient and task lighting throughout the room. (Read our journal post here for a more detailed guide to layering your lighting.)

The beauty of a lamp - besides its actual beauty - is that it adds atmosphere to a room AND it provides functional light. This is particularly important when you want to use something other than harsh overhead light (ie, the living room in the evening). An additional bonus is that you can move them around as needed, so if you need more light in one area of the room, it's easy to shift the lamp accordingly (although multiple lamps in a room is not only practical but right on trend!)

Using natural elements in lighting has become increasingly popular, and it's easy to see why. Organic materials such as wood, stone, rattan and marble provide a warm, tactile texture that adds a unique charm. By combining these rustic materials with a modern shade, you can create a statement piece that is stylish and inviting.

iO Floor Lamps - always a popular choice

At Mr Ralph, we are embracing locally made. We now offer several recycled wooden lamps in an exciting collaboration with Thronton Studios. Edgar, in particular, is a personal favourite. The timber used to make these beautiful pieces comes from locally sourced, reclaimed 60-year-old power poles.

Edgar - Large Jarrah Table Lamp

Our hand-turned pendants were so popular we now have them as lamp bases

You will also find french-inspired rattan (leaving double denim in the dust), exquisite marble bases, sumptuous linen shades made from Warwick Lexus Linen, iO Maker plywood lamps and more. With so many shade and base options available, you can find something that perfectly matches your decor and personality.

Rattan on Rattan - it's a thing!

Click here to view our stunning selection of lamps, or for help and guidance on layering your lighting, contact one of our friendly lighting specialists.