Mr Ralph Style Guide

June 10, 2022

The Mr Ralph range can be broken into nine distinct styles:

modern - mid-century modern - vintage -contemporary - luxe -  boho - organic - classic - curated

There is nothing overtly twee or hardcore in the Mr Ralph collection. Instead, we offer a modern and contemporary twist on style. Each genre is carefully curated to work on its own or in harmony with the others. Whether you are looking for a bold, signature piece over your dining table or a pendant to compliment your existing lighting, we have something for you.


Natural, Sleek, Scandi, Clean

When we talk about Modern style at Mr Ralph, it encompasses the sleek popular Scandi look and what we would currently associate with contemporary design in New Zealand. The Modern style is beautiful, with simple shapes and finishes that add a quiet elegance to a room. It is often paired with a white or muted colour palette like hazy greys and blush pinks and works wonderfully with functional and well-designed furniture and accessories.



Mid-Century Modern

Natural, Subtle, Earthy, Iconic

Mid-Century Modern is a style that we pride ourselves on at Mr Ralph. Our lighting choices encompass the mid-century feeling, but at the subtle, sleek end of the spectrum. Inspired by iconic designers of the time, our lighting fits into homes that are heavy on mid-century vibe. However, they also work beautifully as subtle references in both modern and contemporary homes.




Industrial, Farmhouse, Raw, Edgy

Vintage is a style that has been popular with our customers since the inception of Mr Ralph. It is a modern and contemporary take on the heavy farmhouse/industrial vibe. This look is often incorporated into homes with a more traditional feel but whose owners like a bit of edginess. The Vintage Lamp Holder range works beautifully within this style. Both the lamp holder and wall light options make it easy to repeat the look throughout the home. You can add glass for a more subtle, traditional look or metal shades to embrace a more farmhouse/industrial vibe.



Clean lines, Current, Raw, Minimal

This look is here and now. Think modern and contemporary new builds and renovations with lots of clean lines, steel, concrete, wood and glass. It is a look that constantly stretches the boundaries and moves forward. Lighting that is custom-made or of a large scale will often fit into this genre.


IO DrumGeorge WideFinn Long Arm Wall Light
NUD Bubble BulbSpongeUp Clay Pendant from POTTAura Wall Light


Elegant, Colour, Opulent, Pattern

Luxe is both elegant and opulent. It can be full of colour and pattern and works in both contemporary and eclectic spaces. At Mr Ralph, the Luxe look is more refined and works brilliantly in pared-back classic and modern homes that want a punch of colour. Luxe also appeals to those who are drawn to a heavier classic look. You can subtly achieve this style with coloured and patterned glass or, more overtly, with colourful fabric shades.




Free Spirit, Whimsical, Handmade, Natural

Boho is free and unconstrained. It can be interpreted as whimsical and loose in style with no formal rules. At Mr Ralph, the Boho look is more sophisticated, celebrating travel and the handmade nature of material, especially wood and rattan. This look works well with a pared-back neutral palette layered with pattern, texture and natural fibres. Think blonde wood with cane or rattan furniture, rugs and art from far-flung exotic lands.


Earthy, Natural, Handmade, Unique

The Organic style celebrates the handmade nature of products and suits an interior that wishes to highlight a unique, one of a kind piece. It is richer in colour and form than Boho and can work across all types of homes. Think of a super minimalist home with one handmade pendant over a dining table or an eclectic abode with a different colour and style of pendant or wall light in each room. This style is about celebrating and investing in custom pieces from small artists and makers in New Zealand to villages around the world.

George WideKlaylife SwishSophie Rattan Shade

SpongeUP Clay Pendant from POTT




Timeless, Relaxed, Neutral, Traditional

The classic/traditional vibe is the most conservative style at Mr Ralph. It suits a reserved aesthetic and homes that convey a timeless interior. Often the palette will be neutral in tones and may even follow a popular style like coastal or country. It is a look suited to new builds and renovated character homes. The Classic style focuses on symmetry and order. The Mr Ralph twist is an elevated sense of simplicity and a quiet elegance without the twee.




Timeless, Relaxed, Global, Intentional

The curated look is not a style as it is a 'feeling'. It is at the heart of what is Mr. Ralph. It celebrates a highly personal space that does not adhere to one specific design style. It is a space created with intention. Inspiration is taken from design, architecture and style globally that mixes era's, materials and finishes with both cohesion and harmony whilst celebrating the juxtaposition in a space - like an unexpected pop of colour. It will mix high and low end and embrace the timeless beauty of objects and materials over trends.

"It is an un-namable sweet spot " (Eyeswoon)