Wooden Bare Bulb Pendant

A gorgeous simple wooden pendant.

This wooden bare bulb pendant has a wonderful "squareness" to it!

This pendant does not come with a bulb. To add a bulb to your order, please visit the ‘bulbs’ section of the website.

Lamp Holder Colour
Pale Wood
Pale Wood with White cord
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Wooden Lamp Holder:
- Pale Wood, Walnut, Black or White
- 80mm high
- 65mm wide

Textile Cord:
- Black textile cord with the Walnut and Black lamp holders
- White textile cord with White lamp holder
- Black or White textile Cord with the Pale Wood lamp holder
- 2.5m and may be shortened

Wooden Ceiling Rose:
- Pale Wood, Walnut, Black or White
- 100mm wide
- 20mm high

E27 Screw-in lamp holder - 60 watt max
AS/NZS compliant
Must be installed by a registered Electrician