The Mr Ralph Design Service

March 25, 2022

Over the last nine years, we have made it a priority to help our customers by providing the best service we possibly can. Lighting is tricky. It has to look great and function perfectly for you. Not easy, especially when you have decision fatigue that inevitably comes when trying to achieve design cohesion in your home. 

Our Design Service happened organically.

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in our team of 16 – interior designers, clever design-obsessed people, product gurus and an Electrician/Artist. So we put ourselves to work.

The Design Team consists of Anna, an interior designer and home stager, and Melissa, another interior designer. If you are in the Taranaki or Waikato region, we have a mobile in-home service that takes this to the next level. For everywhere else, we communicate via email and phone to develop ideas.

The service we offer is entirely free

Since there are experts out there already who offer technical lighting plans and assistance with the nitty-gritty, we focus on providing decorative and spatial advice. You supply us with as much or little information as possible, and we then set about listening to your brief and understanding your spaces. What is your style? How and where do you use light? How do we layer this to make it “feel” right? You end up with a series of ideas and pricing, and then the rest is up to you. Our team can help with the purchase and fulfilment if you want to buy. 

Remember to start thinking about your lighting early!

Decide on placement and work with your electrician for professional advice and support from the beginning.

Have fun with light

"Art brings the attitude, music brings the energy, material brings the provenance. Lighting tells us how to behave” Buster @ Wonder

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