Introducing an exciting collaboration with Thornton Studio

November 02, 2022


We are thrilled to introduce an exciting collaboration between Mr Ralph and Thronton Studio. In-studio and online we now have beautiful recycled New Zealand native Rimu Pendants and table lamps, hand-turned by talented the very talented Marty in sunny Cambridge, NZ. These pendants reflect our commitment to sustainability, as they are made from locally sourced demolition timber, including bearers from the subfloor framing of Classic Waikato homes.

What makes these pendants and table lamps truly unique is their natural beauty, which comes from the subtle variations in colour and grain of the recycled Rimu wood. Each piece of timber has its own characteristics, including the occasional mark or indentation where old nails were once used. We believe these imperfections are what make these beautiful works of art completely custom and special.

Please note that because the wood is recycled and natural, the finish and colour may vary depending on whether the wood is from the heart of the tree or not. While every effort has been made to ensure that each product is dimensionally accurate, their handmade nature means that they may differ from machine-made products. Danish Oil has been applied to the wood to give them a sleek matte finish.

We are proud to work with Marty, a passionate woodworker who loves nothing more than creating beautiful pieces with his trusty lathe. When he's working, his adorable German Shorthaired Pointer, Apollo, is often by his side, getting wood clippings on his head!

As we continue to prioritise sustainability and local sourcing, we hope to inspire others to join us in our mission to create beautiful and environmentally friendly products.